Saturday 14 June 2014

Left and Obama Acolytes Blame Bush 43 for the Obama-Enabled Catastrophe in Iraq.

In the wake of the catastrophe unfolding in Iraq as the jihadist fanatics march towards Baghdad enabled by Obama's nakedly political and naively feckless and dangerous total withdrawal of forces from Iraq, the Left in general and Obama's acolytes in particular have already resumed the meme that Bush 43 damaged our national security by his having toppled Saddam Hussein.  The only people who swallow this hogwash are the Left and Obama's acolytes, who both drink it and spew it, and the LIVs (Low Information Voters), who don't know any better because they prefer ignorance and entertainment over knowledge and curiosity.  But surely many of the HIV's (high-information voters who are neither Leftists nor Obama Acolytes) who are likely to read this and watch the accompanying video have friends, relatives or acquaintances whom they know to be LIVs.  Thus, the hope is that the HIVs who read this and watch the video will send the link to it to every LIV they know.  Hope springs eternal.  Here's the video:

I've written this post to remind HIVs what they already know-- i.e., that if Bush 43 were NOT to have toppled Saddam Hussein, then today Qaddafi (may his spellings be many) would still be the dictator of Libya because he would have long ago completed his nuclear weapons program, which he exposed and surrendered to the U.S. shortly after our troops pulled Saddam Hussein from his spider-hole in Iraq. 

And, not only would Qaddafi be sitting atop a nuclear arsenal in Libya, but Saddam would by now have at least a "dirty" bomb, and Iran would, of course, be progressing (as they are) toward the same status.  So, if nothing else, Bush 43 toppling Saddam eliminated at least two radical, dictatorial regimes from the nuclear-weapons club.   

Send the link to this article to every LIV you know.  We all know the dominant media will never explain this information to counter Leftist propaganda, and since LIV's depend solely on the dominant media and the leftist entertainment media for virtually all their knowledge about the world, the LIVs will never become HIVs unless WE educate them.

Finally, just in case you may want the text of the narrative for each frame, go to http://PoliSat.Com/Thank-You-Bush-43.htm#Text-for-each-frame , where I've pasted the frame-by-frame text into a box at the bottom of that article originally published on April 25, 2013.

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com (a.k.a. PoliticalXray.Com)

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