Tuesday 24 June 2014

The Annoying Theo Fundraiser.............

I hate to keep posting the begging letters but this blog does cost money to run. All contributions would be greatly appreciated.

I have just had my business plan for a care agency approved by the gov agency involved, but it will wipe out my savings. I am astonished as to the amount of paperwork and the hoops that I have to jump through.

I have just read PJ O'Rourkes Baby Boomer book and blame him entirely. It seems that someone's parents spent the entire 50's and 60's breeding like rabbits, and that generation are about to hit the care needs window.

Our regular readers will know of my mothers medical probs, the main one being dementia and that I recently spent 2 years looking after a friend's mom and seeing her go from being able to drive (which wasn't necessarily safe for her or other road users) to not recognising me at all is worrying and it came on so quick.

Sorry I digress, this is supposed to be a fund raiser, but if anyone knows of any treatments that can help with dementia please let me know. I have got my mother some coconut oil capsules which are meant to help but there doesn't seem to be much else out there. The scary thing is that some 'medical experts' reckon that 1 in 3 of us will end up with dementia or alzheimers (although I am not sure what the difference is) and treatments need to be found.

Sorry to ask but all contributions will be welcome just hit the donate button in the side bar.

Thanks Theo


Anonymous said...

***50's and 60's breeding like rabbits***
I thought large families were 1940's and earlier with 2.3 kids per family becoming the norm in the 50's.

Dave In Indiana said...

Done. Hope it helps.

Theo Spark said...

Thanks to everyone for their generosity, it means a lot.