Sunday, 8 June 2014

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Was Bob Bergdahl In Contact With Al-Qaeda?

Pope Francis: Rigid Traditionalists and Cafeteria Catholics “Aren’t Really Catholics”

Border Patrol checkpoint​s stir public backlash

Iraqi troops repel ISIS assault on Mosul

'Beast' asteroid to zoom past Earth

Obama Trades Seoul To North Korea For Return Of USS Pueblo

Professor Fired After Pic Appears on Beer Can

New Study Reveals State-by-S​tate Drinking Habits

How Obama's media strategy unraveled with recovered POW

One of the world's priciest violins was hidden in a closet

HMMM: Looks Like Bowe Bergdahl's Father Was in Contact With Al Qaeda

Lawsuit targets financial exchanges over HFT

HART: The VA mess is ObamaCare in 10 years — or sooner

Major Democratic donor bashes DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Democratic operatives train eyes, cameras on Rick Scott's every move

UF leads excavation of 'Most Sacred Acre'

Obama: Freeing Top Terrorists for Deserter Was a Unanimous Decision of My Personal Government

Israeli Opposition Leader: Bibi “Loathes” Barack

The Seventh of June and the Ninth of Av

In South Sudan, a ghost of wars past: child soldiers

Proposed prostitution laws aim to shut down conversation

The Killing of Pakistan’s Journalists

China May Build ‘Artificial Island’ in South China Sea

Why the explosion in child-snatching is big business

Why Europe and America don't want an independent Scotland run by shape-shifting Alex Salmond

Taliban members begin new lives in Qatar

Safe and sappy, the Hillary Clinton roadshow rolls on towards 2016

Russian hacker wanted by US hailed as hero at home

Three inmates escape Canadian prison in helicopter

Anti-homeless spikes installed in posh London neighbourhood spark outrage

Egypt’s president punishes Hamas, Jihadi Islami in Gaza, fires up strife in Palestinian government

Taliban Rising

Get Ready for Another Obama Campaign

Because He is Black, Americans Suffer and Die

5 Obama Officials Who Lied, Then Lied About Lying

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Ballantine Ale and Hemingway

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