Tuesday 8 July 2014

Gold News..............................from Rico

Don’t waste time fixing gold fix, it’s obsolete

As I read this, the City regulator found NO evidence of Gold price 'rigging' by the City. Fancy that!

It was funny to also read that the Central Banks involvement was seen as an 'upside'...(a) like they are a trustworthy avuncular entity we can believe in [the main job of a Central Banker is to lie], and (b) like they don't see Gold as the mortal enemy of their unbacked fiat currency.

The thrust that "well, the 'fix' really wasn't all THAT bad, but maybe is irrelevant today" gives me the sense that they have been caught, the jig is up, and they'd really like the scrutiny to stop....so move along smartly now, nothing to see here....please consider all this a silly and redundant system that we'll possibly be halting anyway.

- Unsaid: It is much easier...and much less 'visible' to most...to manipulate paper futures via naked shorts in order to 'manage' (manipulate) the physical price of Gold. Like fiat, you can float as much paper as you like...so long as no one asks you t deliver the physical goods.

Paper Gold and Paper Fiat are merely 'promises' made by liars, thieves, and scoundrels (Bankers and Politicians).

- Physical bullion in hand cannot be 'printed' out of thin air and therefore is loathed by the very people who continue to say "you can trust us" while they demonstrate just how untrustworthy they are by their very behavior.

Ignore what we do, but believe what we say.

- Yeah, that really 'works' for me.

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