Friday 11 July 2014

He knows.......................from Rico

Why should Obama bin Barry bother to go 'look' at the border situation?

- This event has been 'planned' by him and his regime or over a year now. It was an intentional 'manufactured crisis' all along. He KNOWS exactly what is happening without looking...that is why he played pool in Texas between fundraisers. He KNEW long ago.

Why is anybody surprised at this?

- It's just one more obvious slap in the face, kick in the ribs, one-fingered salute, and clear "up yours America" message from the screw-America-first Communist radicals trying to run this train off the rails at full speed.

Is anyone 'wondering' what other shitty schemes he already has planned or beng planned?

- These criminals have gone beyond putting sand in the vaseline for the anal rape of America, but are going to skip the lube altogether very soon.....

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