Saturday 12 July 2014

Netanyahu: Premature Evacuation​?...................from Dan Friedman

[Once I start reading reports like this, I can only think back to the many Israeli “operations” that ended prematurely and became the prelude to the next war.
In the last few days I’ve tried to avoid criticism (or praise) of Netanyahu and his cohort. But if my feeling of déjà vu reaches a certain level, it’ll be back to business as usual and I’ll take the gloves off again. df]
JPost, 7/12/2014
Operation Protective Edge - Day 5
Palestinian initiated talks taking place to reach ceasefire with Egypt, Qatar involvement, Channel 2 reports; Blair meets with Sisi to discuss ways to restore 2012 ceasefire; Gal-On says PM must involve Abbas to end hostilities.
NB: Out of respect for Shabbat I normally refrain from sending out messages from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. But now that we are at war - when Halacha (Jewish law) allows for some exceptions - I have granted myself a narrow dispensation.

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