Tuesday 1 July 2014

Our Tears Will Eventually Dry.............................from Dan Friedman

Keep an eye on Netanyahu in the coming weeks and see what price he exacts from “the animals” he says carried out this atrocity. The thing to look for is a serious change in the status quo since that is exactly what Obama, the EU and the Israeli Left don’t want. Blowing up a few empty buildings in Gaza and making a few more arrests in Yesha doesn’t count. That’s a fireworks show meant to elicit some oohs and aahs. No, the nature of this Muslim savagery demands nothing less than throwing the cards in the air and upending the table. I can’t think of a more fitting memorial for our three boys who are now resting comfortably in Hashem’s arms. But if Netanyahu is consistent with his past performance, his deeds will fall far short of his words; leaving us with the unanswered question, who in reality does the current Prime Minister of Israel take his orders from?

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