Monday 14 July 2014

Will Bibi Get Israel Off The Hamster Wheel?....................from Dan Friedman

By Ted Belman (Israpundit)
As I see it, Israel has no stomach for a ground invasion. Israel is deterred by Hamas from doing so. So Israel is left to position its goals as quiet for quiet or perhaps a little better, quiet for extended quiet.
But with over 1000 sorties, Hamas is still not deterred by Israel.
This is unacceptable and it is the reality.
The question comes up, why does Israel not seek to destroy Hamas? Now is the time when Islamists are preoccupied elsewhere.
Evidently 4000 Gazans heeded Israel’s warning to leave their homes in the north. That’s a good thing. But Israel failed to demolish the area which she should have done. Then move on to another area.
If Israel settles for calm, it will show weakness and be the opposite of maintaining deterrence.
[Thereby setting the stage for the next (indecisive) war. df]
[Related: These “operations” usually have a lifespan of six to eight days before Israel plays its “American pressure” card. My instincts tell me the deck is being shuffled right now. df]

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