Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Late News....................

Poll: Whites and blacks question police accountabi​lity

US Surveillance Planes Reportedly Fly Over Syria

Austria: Springboard for Global Jihad

SAS and US special forces forming hunter killer unit to 'smash Islamic State'

British Embassy Marks Anniversary Of Burning Of White House, With a Cake

IRS Shocker: Filing Reveals Lerner Blackberry Destroyed

Wallingford’s Erotic Bakery to close

Freedom at the expense of others

The Massive Trucker Shortage Could Hit Your Wallet Soon

Texas National Guard Reverses Position on Off-Duty Concealed Carry During Deployment

Is White House Pressuring Pentagon to Downplay ISIS Threat?

Border Patrol Agent: TSA Made 'Bold Attempt to Fool the American Public'

Obama Struggles to Craft Message on Threat of Islamic State

Vets' Park gets new statue, computer kiosk

Swipe the photos and see Hurricane Katrina disaster dissolve into present-day recovery

Emmy Awards 2014: Robin Williams eulogized by Billy Crystal; watch the video

Where the Black Flags Fly

Foreign policy: unravelling

It’s Time to Sink the Littoral Combat Ship

Michelle Shuts Down the Press

Isolation, cancelled flights hamper Ebola efforts in Africa

Iran, the Islamic State, and the Rise of Islamic Extremism

Nigerian troops 'flee to Cameroon' after fierce Boko Haram clashes

Forgotten in Iraq: Besieged City Faces Destruction by the Islamic State

Israel-Hamas truce deal in effect from Tuesday 7 p.m. Heavy Palestinian barrage last minute kills Israeli

ISIS Mission Impossible: Catching Obama’s attention

Report: FBI has joined probe of VA scandal

United flight diverts over 'Knee Defender' fight

Witness: Beaten man told eatery 'not safe for whites'

Report: American dies fighting for Islamic State

IRS: Oh, those Lois Lerner emails, yeah they're backed up

The spinning Sofia Vergara at the Emmys causes Twitter backlash

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