Friday, 15 August 2014

Western Support For Hamas And Jihadis Is Born Of Ignorance...............From Daniel Thomas


The reasons why supposedly educated people from the developed world support Hamas during their unprovoked targeting of innocent Israeli civilians with rockets designed to kill and maim, can be put into several categories and these include: a) naivety. b) brainwashing. c) self loathing. d) adopted ideology. e) ingrained anti-semitism and f) ignorance.

Category a) applies to people who through a lack of vision or retarded emotional development believe they are doing the right thing by backing the perceived underdog.

Category b) applies to people who have a low resistance to spin or have been exposed to anti-semitic  propaganda, usually from an early age. This category tend to believe anything they are told by authority or read in the papers, they can also hate to order.

Category c) applies to those who for some reason hate themselves, their country and the system they were born into. A Caucasian kid wearing dreadlocks is a good example as this hair style is a political statement as opposed to a fashion one. They will side with any cause or group that despises their home country or way of life.

Category d) applies to socialists, communists, so called liberals and those that go around calling themselves 'progressives'. Hating Jews comes with the territory and is a non-negotiable ideological requirement. If one doesn't hate the Jews already then it must be learned or adopted in order to join one of these groups.

Category e) is troubling and inexplicable. Some people hate the Jews for no apparent reason, its almost as if they were born hating Jews. This emotion can lie dormant for decades or even a lifetime but can be ignited at any time with little or no trigger.

Category f) is the largest group and the one that is prevalent at the plethora of anti-semitic/pro-Palestinian demonstrations taking place in western capital cities. By giving succor and support to Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS etc. they are not only putting their ignorance on public display but they are signing their own death warrant when these people turn on them like a dog turns on its master.

For the information of the ignorant - Israel has been the homeland of the Jews for some three thousand years, over two thousand years before the birth of Mohammad. This is confirmed by historical texts and archaeological evidence. There has never been in all history a homogeneous, centrally governed country or state called Palestine.

Western people who demonstrate alongside Hamas, including politicians, need to know what they are supporting. Hamas is about killing every Jew as well as taking their land, this is plainly obvious if one takes the time to read the Hamas Charter. What is also obvious is that the western people who support Hamas haven't read it therefore they fit into one of the categories mentioned above.

Some salient points for the reader to be getting along with:

Article 1 - Hamas draws its guidance from Islam i.e. the Koran

Article 2 - Hamas is part of the Muslim Brotherhood which is characterised by complete comprehensiveness of all concepts of Islam in all walks of life including: Views and beliefs, education and society, education and teaching, the hidden and the evident and all other domains of life.

Article 3 - Hamas jihadis have raised the banner of jihad in order to extricate the country and people from the oppressors' desecration, filth and evil.

Article 5 - The movement adopts Islam as its way of life.... its ultimate goal is Islam...its special dimension extends wherever on earth there are Muslims.

Article 7 - By virtue of the distribution of Muslims who pursue the cause of Hamas all over the globe and strive for its victory.. for the reinforcement of its positions and the encouragement of its jihad, the movement is a universal one.

The prophet said: "The time will not come until Muslims fight the Jews and kill them; until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: O Muslim! there is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him!"

Article 8: The Slogan Of Hamas

Allah is its goal, the prophet its model, the Koran its constitution, jihad its path and death for the case of Allah its most sublime belief.

This medieval barbarity consists of thirty six articles in all and everyone of them is bleak, dark and depressing. These people have no love of every day life no appreciation of beauty, nature, architecture, other cultures or anything else that we in the civilised world consider part of living.

Read the Hamas Charter here and be enlightened.

These are a barbaric people who's view of life revolves around their own perception of an omnipotent God together with the conquering and subjugating of infidels - while at the same time they dish out death like we in west dish out treats at a kiddies birthday party.

The stench of death surrounds Hamas like a black cloud of malignant evil and these are the savages that are getting support from western people and politicians.

Reading the Charter of Hamas together with its founding document, the Koran , should serve to enlighten the western supporters of Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS and the various groups of Palestinian murderers, as to the absolute requirements of their faith - wiping Israel off the face of earth and killing every Jew is not the goal, that would be the complete domination of Islam over the planet.

This is not negotiable, it is a requirement of their faith and this can be confirmed by the actions of British and western born Muslim kids going off to fight for their beloved global caliphate in Syria and Iraq.

The stark reality is that some European countries have already fallen and will have Muslim run administrations in decade or so. Belgium, Holland, Norway and Sweden are already blighted by Muslim demands and will soon be lost to civilization.

In the big scheme of things these are minor countries for the jihadis, the real prize being Great Britain and the USA. These two countries will be singled out for special attention because when these have fallen the rest will surely collapse like a house of cards.

Watching the anti-Semitic/pro-Palestinian protests in western countries together with the Muslim flags being flown from Town Halls and some areas in London, it should not be lost on the observant bystander that the emphasis is gradually shifting from Gaza to ISIS, their caliphate and the global jihad.

The useful idiots and the ignorant who give succor to these ambitious barbarians will be unable to see this and we all will all pay a heavy price when, armed with their western passports, the jihadis return from the battle field burning with religious zeal and skilled in the art of terrorism and war.

With a political class bent on using Islam and political correctness to end the British way of life and replace it with a so called 'multi-cultural society combined with a disarmed populace who have lost the will to fight, it will be like shooting fish in a barrel for the returning jihadis.

For those that wish to inform themselves about what motivates a Muslim to worship death like we worship life a copy of the Koran with explanatory notes is here.


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