Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A Matter of Time....................from Rico

"People have been genuinely sickened and slightly stunned by how massively they have been betrayed. There is something which leaves you feeling winded for a moment when someone betrays you. But this moment is passing, and what might follow frightens the over class." David Malone

The attached cartoon reminds me of what is happening in Hong Kong right now.
- This, or worse, will happen when people understand how they have been swindled by the Central Bank fiat scheme.

Meanwhile, it is EOM (end of month), EOQ (end of quarter), FYE (fiscal year end for the USG), and the onset of a week-long holiday in China.....and Friday is the NFP (non farm payroll) exercise in meaningless 'cooked' and fraudulent official reporting.
- Silver bullion spot price has been hammered (naked-shorted) to a new 4-yr low breaking below $17, and Gold bullion spot has likewise been brutalized by the unbacked paper supplied by the wise guys. Did you perhaps expect any other behavior from the TBTJ (too big to jail)?

Besides, maybe some Muppets can be 'skeered' out of their physical and will run back to the welcoming arms of Central Bank fiat for safety? Hey, it's worth a try.
- Well, while fiat is not safe it IS a sure're sure to lose real purchasing power to currency debauchment and real inflation (not the fake inflation being reported) despite the nominal face values on the notes. The really stupid ones I suppose will run headlong into equities, that toxic blowfish inflated by FED hot money.

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