Monday 27 October 2014

Cash Or Cheque Frau Merkel? EU In Control PM Cameron Humiliated...........From Daniel Thomas

Ordering Prime Minister David Cameron to hand over an extra 1.7 billion pounds of the people's hard earned money is not satisfying enough for the European Union bureaucrats who have almost completed their decades long project to take over the British government. In time honoured fashion the victors have to humiliate the vanquished as a demonstration of their dominance.
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In times past the victors would have looted and pillaged the treasure of the vanquished, destroyed the emblems that gave them their identity and enslaved the people for labour. In addition they would have displayed the leaders before the baying mob in acts of public humiliation.

Nations never forget defeat so after Trafalgar, Waterloo and the exile of Napoleon to St. Helena, after Versailles and Nuremberg and particularly after the fall of the British Empire, her traditional enemies have waited patiently for their chance to make the British grovel.

Karma one might say due to British haughtiness in the her glorious past, but this was no noble defeat after years of battle but a meek surrender by ambitious, self serving politicians satisfying their inner despotism by seeking power over their own people.

As the French bureaucrat Jean Monet projected, a federal European superstate will be built gradually by lies and deceit before the people realise what has happened. Sovereignty was to be slowly surrendered in series of treaties disguised as being of economic benefit.

True to the Monet doctrine, the treacherous, self serving political class, regardless of party affiliation, slowly handed over sovereignty in a series of treaties disguised as being of economic benefit to a cabal of bureaucrats dominated by Great Britain's historic enemies.

This has culminated in a situation whereby, not only has the ability to make ones own laws and control ones own borders been surrendered, but the emblems and attributes of statehood are being gradually removed.

With the advent of modern communications, victorious nations no longer have to physically loot and pillage the treasure of vanquished nor do they have to parade defeated leaders before the baying mob. Loot can be transferred remotely using electronic means and leaders humiliated, not before the baying mob in some city square, but across the planet via the Internet.

British Prime Minister David Cameron experienced this first hand after his petulant reaction to being handed a bill by EU bureaucrats for an extra 1.7 billion pounds of British taxpayers money.

This loot, generated by the British people by way of austerity and a sharp drop in living standards, which was brought about by a deliberate increase in the cost of living, will be handed over to the victors in the form of Chancellor Merkel's Germany and President Hollande's socialist basket case France.

EU bureaucrats have been queuing for some time to humiliate him but armed with the knowledge that David Cameron is as popular as Ebola in his own country and facing defeat at the polls in the near future, they piled on the agony after his imbecilic outburst.

In an attempt to hoodwink the British public and steal their votes, Cameron has been making false promises to appease their anger over mass immigration and the access of economic migrants to the social services and welfare systems. Every time he does so he is smacked down by some upstart career bureaucrat with an axe to grind, who is taking the opportunity to swing a punch at the self neutered giant.

German MEP Alexander Lambsdorff and Austrian Chancellor Werner Fayman have ordered Cameron to pay up because he doesn't have the power to refuse. That was surrendered years ago
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Hungarian bureaucrat Laszlo Andor has labelled the British people xenophobic and has warned them to expect more migration.
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Portuguese Maoist, and out going EU Commission president Jose Manuel Barrosso, has publicly warned Cameron that doing what the British people demand of him breaches EU law. In typical Maoist fashion Barrosso will receive $162,200 inflation proof pension for life, a golden parachute payment of $32,000, one month of his $384,000 annual salary and a transitional allowance of between $464,000 and $756,800 over the next three years.
(Slap down here, pension here.  UKIP's Farage thanks Barrosso here)

His replacement, the Euro fanatic Jean-Claude Junker, has not only ordered Cameron to hand over the cash but humiliatingly has told Cameron that he plans to make migration into Great Britain easier.
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If being slapped down and robbed by a German MEP, the Austrian Chancellor, a Hungarian bureaucrat, a Portuguese Maoist and Luxembourgian arch federalist isn't bad enough, then being likened to an enraged diner on the comedy farce Fawlty Towers by the French media is particularly humiliating.

"Angry Cameron refuses to take out his cheque book for Europe" ran one French headline ignoring the fact that it is not Cameron's money to give away and the money is not destined for 'Europe' but to Germany and socialist basket case France.
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It is now an unarguable fact that German Chancellor Angel Merkel runs the EU like a personal fiefdom. She has wasted no time, not only ordering Cameron to hand over British taxpayers money, but to publicly sink his plans to renegotiate Great Britain's membership terms and to repatriate powers back to the people.
(Merkel in dictates the rules here)

Despite his embarrassing petulance and his stated refusal to to pay up on time, David Cameron will handover British taxpayers money as ordered, but his public subservience to the German Chancellor and the hubristic EU bureaucrats reveals the totality of Great Britain's surrender.

The surrender document known to the world as the Lisbon Treaty will fully take effect on November 1st 2014 and with that the British Parliament at Westminster will finally come to an end. David Cameron might as well hand over the keys to No 10 Downing Street to Chancellor Merkel for what use he will be to the British people.

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