Thursday, 2 October 2014

FCC Ready to Tomahawk-Chop Licenses of Broadcasters Failing to Bar Broadcast of the Word "Redskins"

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler gets ready to Tomahawk-Chop the license of any broadcaster of the racist words "Redskins" and "Oklahoma"* phrase "Native Americans."** 

*"Oklahoma" is the indigeneous Chocktaw tribe's word for "Red People." .

**"Native Americans" is a neo-colonialist racist phrase -- i.e., "Native" as in "the Natives Are Restless" and "Americans" as the Demeaningly Euro-Centric Adaptation of the Name of the Predatory European "Amerigo Vespucci" in the Naming of the Post-Pangean, Northern-Hemisphere Continent Between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

The anthropologically correct name for people politically-incorrectly described as "Native Americans" is MDOPCIOTPPCBNAAPOs:  Modern Descendents Of Pre-Columbian Inhabitants Of The Post-Pangean Continent Between Northern Atlantic And Pacific Oceans. 

["MDOPCIOTPPCBNAAPO" is pronounced "em-dop-shee-oat-puh-cuh-buh-nah-ape-ohs"]
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