Sunday, 9 November 2014

Sorry NYT, There Is No GOP Civil War

photo courtesy Smithsonian Institution

And so it begins, less than a week after Democrats had their backsides handed to them the liberal media responds by trying to stir up divisions within the GOP. An article in yesterday’s New York Times details what they want us to believe is a coming “civil war” within Republican ranks between the Conservative and Establishment factions of the party. Really guys, is that the best you can do? Democrats just spent months treating Barack Obama like Patient Zero and still took an epic butt whoopin’, and you don’t feel the need to highlight any divisions with that organization, but the normal political strategizing by members of the winning side is a looming civil war? Let’s face it, the Left woke up last Wednesday morning with the sudden realization that they had real problems headed their way in 2016 and the media wing of the Democrat Party is gearing up for an all-out assault to weaken the GOP before the newly emboldened party gains traction. There will be wars and rumors of wars within the ranks, but the folks over at the DNC are all relaxing by the campfire singing Kumbaya.            (continue reading

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