Sunday, 18 January 2015

Hot British Shooting Star Hunted by Sick Twitter Trolls: Blonde Babe Rachel Carrie Says She's Treated 'Like a Terrorist' by Online Bullies

She's a luscious babe too.

Rachel Carrie photo 10923827_328647013997183_6664424977516815396_n_zpseb8f5ab6.jpg
Here: "Beautiful British Blonde British Markswoman Rachel Carrie Attacked by Sick Twitter Trolls!"

A great lady. Blonde, beautiful --- a smokin' hot huntress.

That's why leftists can't stand her.

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Anonymous said...

I don't understand...she is the personification of a secure, liberated woman...and she is "afraid" of some twitter trolls!?!!? Doesn't that degrade her somehow? I mean shouldn't she just be all "f you jack off's" and leave it at that?