Sunday 11 January 2015

Now what?................from Rico

All the QE, and bail outs/bail ins, accounting gimmicks, phony government statistics, ad nauseum have not accomplished one single thing.
Clearly the ZIRP (zero interest rate policy) of the Big 3 hasn't achieved anything except to  put the Western system exactly back to where it was when things fell apart thanks to the synthetic [read: fake] CDS (credit default swaps).
The 'move' to NIRP (negative interest rate policy) has begun, but charging depositors interest for the privilege of having their money in your TBTF and Too Big To Jail bank doesn't do one positive thing.
When the derivatives unwind, there aren't enough trees to make paper to print worthless fiat currency on to "fix" things.
- China-Russia-India know this, which is why they are relentlessly buying Gold.
- Other countries also know this, which is why they are trying to repatriate their Gold before the proverbial meets the oscillating fan blades (Venezuela, Holland, Belgium, Germany).
- The G3 knows this too, which is exactly why they are conducting paper "raids" on the COMEX to scare the sheeple away from protecting themselves with bullion in order to prop up their fiat house of paper just a little while longer. Stalling. Delaying. Buying time.

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