Sunday, 1 February 2015

Granola-Crunching, 'Whole Foods' Leftists Helping Measles Outbreak Become National Epidemic

Get your child vaccinated.

Measles Outbreak photo measles1_zpsq9ux2yxk.jpg
It's ridiculously safe and helps keep the disease in check, my god.

See, "Anti-Vaccine Parents Boost Measles Comeback."

Also, "Affluent Leftists Dominate the Ranks of Anti-Vaxxers, Overwhelmingly Voted for Obama."

Still more, "Disneyland Measels Outbreak Blamed on Anti-Vaccine Movement," and "Orange County Officials Remove Dozens of Unvaccinated Students from Schools; Adults Urged to Get Shots."


Anonymous said...

There is a big push for vaccinations that are not needed, whicle importing diseases, like TB, that were eradicated years ago. How did we ever survive without jabs for Measles, Chicken Pox and Flu. Boys dont even need Rubella jabs.

Rickvid in Seattle said...

Well, a whole lot of us did not survive. Disease killed far more than starvation or war combined, though the three have often been connected.

Lord T said...

Well the more these left leaning supporters that commit suicide by following the cult of stupidity the better in my book.