Tuesday, 10 March 2015

An EU From The Urals To The Atlantic - Fulfilling Hitler's Dream...............From Daniel Thomas

The bloody conflict currently enveloping Ukraine is being portrayed as a civil war between factions loyal to Vladimir Putin's Russian and those who want to break away and form closer ties with the European Union. In reality its a proxy war being fought between the leaders of an expansionist EU who dream of an empire stretching from the "Urals to the Atlantic" and Vladimir Putin who is attempting to preserve whats left of the Russian empire.

A European empire stretching from the Ural Mountains in the east to the Atlantic Ocean in the west did not become EU policy overnight dreamt up with foresight by some benign bureaucrats in a smoke filled backroom over brandy and cigars.

Military campaigns to subjugate the nations of Europe and form an empire have been fought by a variety of armies throughout history including those of the Romans and the Moors but none have codified their ambitions in more detail than Hitler and the National Socialists.

It's worth noting at this point that the Ural mountains are considered historically - and geographically - to be the border where Europe ends and Asia begins.

Hitler's plan for a Grossgermanisches Reich or a Greater Germanic Reich is well documented whereby he envisaged a Jew free, German controlled Europe stretching from the "Urals to the Atlantic".

If that quote sounds familiar its because it was uttered by British Prime Minister David Cameron during a visit to the former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan albeit from front to back. He told students at the Nazabeyev University in the capital Astana that:

"Our vision of the EU is that it should be a large trading and co-operating organisation that effectively stretches, as it were, from the Atlantic to the Urals".

When Cameron told the students of Kazakhstan that the EU is "a large trading and co-operating organisation" he was doing what he does to the British people as a matter of course - wilfully lying through his teeth with malice aforethought about the nature of the EU.

The British people were conned by the very same lies some forty- five years ago when the then Prime Minister Edward Heath sold the Common Market as a benign 'trading and co-operating organisation' knowing full well that it was the fist step on the road to a post democratic federal superstate.

Cameron didn't tell the Kazakh students that they would be required to surrender their sovereignty and consequently their newly won freedom; and in doing so they would be exchanging authoritarian rule from Moscow to that of Brussels.

He also failed to inform them that if they, like the Greeks, the Irish and the Italians, are dumb enough to join the Euro currency they risk debt, bankruptcy and imposed austerity on terms dictated by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Identical to Hitler's foreign policy, Cameron and the EU politburo believe the Urals to be the westernmost border of their European empire and all countries to the west should be absorbed into a Greater European superstate. This is nonsense of course designed to stir up antagonism with the Russian leadership as it contains a huge chunk of western Russia including Moscow.

Like the current EU, Hitler envisioned a Europe where independent nation states cease to exist replaced by vassal regions in thrall to Berlin.

The current EU government appears to be in Brussels but it is widely acknowledged that as far as EU policy is concerned what Angela Merkel says goes with no dissenters allowed. None of the current national leaders, Cameron included, are prepared to confront her even if the interests of their people are in jeopardy.

It doesn't stop with Ukraine and Kazakhstan, the EU and its agents, including former President Herman von Rumpuy and foreign affairs chief Baroness Ashton, are meddling and interfering in other former Soviet republics such as Georgia, Moldavia and Azerbaijan much to the consternation of Vladimir Putin. They have even solicited the expensive services of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair while Prince Andrew is reported to be socialising on a regular basis with Azerbaijani tyrant IIham Aliyev.

Looking at the current expansion plans of the EU, combined with the return of rabid anti-semitism across Europe, Hitler's dream of a Jew free empire from the Atlantic to the Urals is closer now than it was during the height of his power. It may not have reached the Ural mountains yet but unless they are stopped the ambition and the perverted will of the EU is there to make the old dictators dream come true.

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