Friday, 6 March 2015

Echos Of Churchill - Ignore Netanyahu At Your Peril..............From Daniel Thomas

Making comparisons between world leaders is controversial and fraught with danger due to the polarised political preferences of their supporters and detractors. Looking at recent events in the middle east the controversy around comparing Israeli Prime Minister, Benyamin Netanyahu, President Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron, can be all but removed.

He may not have reached the stature of Sir Winston Churchill but judging by his pragmatic approach to Iran and global Islamic terrorism he is head and shoulders above the current candidates for the leadership of the free world, the aforementioned Obama and Cameron.

The similarities between Netanyahu and Churchill became abundantly clear after his recent prophetic speech to the American Congress while his contrasts with Obama and Cameron became embarrassingly more stark.

Netanyahu warned the world about the danger of a nuclear armed Iran in the same way that Churchill warned the world about German re-armament prior to Word War II. Then as now, the appeasers and collaborators ridiculed the messenger which consequently condemned the world to a prolonged and destructive war resulting in some forty million dead, around half of them civilians.

He warned the world that the ruling despots of Iran are insane enough to use nuclear weapons to precipitate a war with the aim of erasing Israel and the Jews from the face of the earth and setting up a caliphate. This echos Churchill's warning that Hitler's true motive for re-armament was to start a war with the aim of setting up a Jew free, thousand year Reich in Europe.

The administrations in the White House and Downing Street have either learned nothing from history or they are appeasers in the mold of Neville Chamberlain.

These administrations are doing the same thing today with the Ayatollahs that Chamberlain did with Hitler and the Nazis. He came away with the Munich Agreement written on his infamous piece of paper that guaranteed "peace in our time".

The only thing it guaranteed was more time for Hitler to continue building up his forces and acquiring modern weapons before he annexed Austria, invaded the Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia and Poland, exterminating their Jewish populations as he progressed eastward.

Prime Minister Netanyahu's impassioned warning not to trust the Ayatollahs fell on the deaf ears of the appeasers in the White House just as Churchill's warnings about Hitler and the Nazis were ignored by Chamberlain and the appeasers in Westminster.

Churchill's "sinews of peace" speech - perhaps better know as his "iron curtain speech" - delivered at the invitation of President Truman in Fulton, Missouri warned the world about the malign intentions of post war Russia to spread communism around the world.

The reaction to his speech wouldn't go amiss among the naive socialist/communist/progressive community of today. He was denounced as a warmonger and accused of insulting and denigrating a friend and ally. The great man was right, an iron curtain did indeed descend across Europe and anywhere between fifty and a hundred million people lost their lives as a result.

 Like Churchill before him, Natanyahu's pronouncements on the enemies of civilisation are dismissed as warmongering and an obstacle to peace in the middle east by the appeasers, the collaborators and the facilitators of Islamification around the world.

In conclusion: Sir Winston Churchill was right in his day about Hitler and Stalin just as Netanyahu is right today about the Ayatollahs and radical Islam. If history repeats itself then millions of civilian casualties will be the legacy of the appeasers, the collaborators and the facilitators who refuse to learn the lessons of the past.

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