Thursday 19 March 2015

Has Israel's Left Run Out of Ammo?...........................from Dan Friedman

At long last! Reality trumps fantasy in Israel. Any way you slice it or spin it, it was Israel’s whacked-out Left which sustained a crushing blow in Tuesday’s election. Axiomatically, the better life gets in Israel the more Israelis want to cling to it - even more so with an Iranian H-bomb breathing down your neck.

Caveat. There is still no Left like the Israeli Left, and it’s too soon say they’re down for the count. If the past is prologue, look for them to try and make a comeback when they see an opportunity. Spreading hysteria and mass confusion is their trademark, and it will fall to Israelis to repudiate them again. Alas, with the Jews there’s always a fly in the ointment. But for now, Israel and the people who love it should go from strength to strength .

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