Saturday, 7 March 2015

Plumbing new depths...................from Rico

NFP results are out, and the MSM and FTV cheerleaders are hailing the GOOD NEWS that the unemployment rate has dropped to 5/5%!
While the sheeple and the muppets completely overlook the BLS fakery that is plumbing new and record depths of MEANINGLESS:
- the number of Americans NOT in the labor force [read: jobless] rises to 92,898,000.
- And equities futures react to the NFP 'good news' by plunging.
Fantasy statistics has replaced fantasy football at this point by becoming less "real" by a huge margin.
Meanwhile, back on this planet, but also largely unnoticed, Japan now spends 43% of its tax revenue to fund their interest on debt.
- Guess who is next in line?
- Why do you suppose Barry is talking about raising taxes with his majick Executive Order pen lately?

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