Sunday, 26 April 2015

Mort Zuckerman Steps up to the Plate...................from Rico

[I was recently critical of Zuckerman for pulling his punches in a piece he published about Obama and Iran a few days ago. But perhaps his new one below will come as close to "J'accuse" as we’ll ever get from the billionaire. Still, I am waiting for someone else of substance to come along with the cojones and the integrity to shine a spotlight on Obama’s motives. He’s not dismantling America and the West out of stupidity, so it must be something else. As time goes on in Obama’s USA, the question why Obama acts the way he does will no longer be pushed to the margins. df], April 24, 2015
Anyone who looks at the nuclear deal and sees success is living in a world of rainbows and unicorns.
By Mortimer Zuckerman

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