Saturday, 9 May 2015

Have a beer and celebrate.................from Rico

Another NFP Friday.
- More of the same old, same old.
I just read a breathlessly cheery article (written by an AP economics person who is obviously a graduate of the famous the Marx school of economics) which made me positively want to have a beer (no champagne though...can't afford it; I can swing a beer, but I'm not buying for any of the assholes in BLS, the regime, the FED, or any of their poodle-skirted cheerleaders in the MSM....can't afford it, and they do NOT deserve it). Economist-boy absolutely gushes:
- "the US economy is rebounding"
- "6 year old recovery"
- "temporary headwinds"
All of which plumb new depths for pure BS which would make even BLS, or a White House spokesperson, blush.
- The bald-faced mendacity is stunning.
Yes, another new 'record' was set again, a record LOW in the labor force particpation rate....93,134,000 workers are now NOT in the work force [Obamunists read: not working, as in unemployed].
- But if you ignore them, and more importantly do not count them, then a drop in the unemployment rate from 5.5% to 5.4% is not only a CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN but it gives one HOPE that once nobody is working the unemployment rate will move FORWARD to zero!

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edutcher said...

Record number (93,194,000) out of the workforce.

Record number of women (56,167,000) out of the workforce.

We rebounded right through the floor boards.