Monday, 11 May 2015

Remember the Borax 20-mule team?...................from Rico

This graphic made me think of the old TV commercial for Borax that featured their 20-mule team hauling a wagon through Death Valley.
- Imagine just seven mules hauling the other thirteen mules riding on the wagon instead of pulling it.
And the Keynesian economists from the Halls of Macadamia can't figure out why the US ecnomy is sputtering to a halt.
- Neither can the 'we know better what's good for you than you do' crowd.
This is exactly why there is no 'recovery' and there won't be a 'recovery.'
Thirty-four percent of America's population are 'carrying' sixty-six percent of the population on its back.
- Add to that the uncounted and undocumented wave of 'regime encouraged' illegals.
Makes me wonder just how much longer the remaining tax-donkeys are going to be willing to pull the national wagon full of freeloaders?
- Oh, yeah, that was sorta mentioned in a book called "And Atlas Shrugged."
'Me the People' can't tear himself away from the mirror (or the golf course) to 'see' it.
- Right back at 'ya.

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