Thursday, 28 May 2015

The Sinking Morale of Obama's Commanders....................from Dan Friedman

[Many of Obama's fawning apologists like to cite the Pentagon's strong ties with Israel as evidence Obama has "Israel's back." But the truth is our military is a power center of its own, and its cooperation with Israel was deemed mutually beneficial, and has proven so, for decades. No doubt this vexes Obama as he's tightening the reins on the Pentagon. But the "daylight" between Obama and the brass on this issue is destined to grow. Heck, even an aspiring despot has to earn the loyalty of his troops. df]
Iraq’s Shiite paramilitaries claimed to have taken charge of driving the Islamic State out from the western province of Anbar. However, Pentagon officials decry what they see as an unfocused White House plan to rout the terror group.

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