Sunday, 26 July 2015

Becoming Venezuela..................from Rico

Imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery, and Barry Boy-Marxist seems to be intent on fundamentally transforming the US into a larger version of Venezuela.
Maduro's Socialist "success by diktat" is clearly Barry's model. A Marxist coerced economy based upon fake statistics, fake markets, and fake money.
- Sound like a real good idea?
Venezuela's stock market is rising, so that means everything in the economy is all right...even good. Right?
- That's what Central planning in the US has achieved too.
Broke? Need more money? No problemo! Just print whatever you need.
- That's what the FED in the US is doing too.
Inflation? What inflation? Fudge the 'official' numbers (or report them slowly). The last 'official' numbers out of Venezuela are from Dec 2014, and they showed only a 65% rise in the CPI. It's probably many multiples of that in reality, they just don't admit to it.
- That's what the BLS and every other organ of US government is doing too.
This is what the end-game looked like in Zimbabwe. This is what the endgame looks like in Venezuela. This is what the end-game will look like in the US.
- This is what Socialism-Marxism does every single time.

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