Friday, 10 July 2015

Hiking camping gear review....................

Clothes get a little stale on the hiking trail? Now there's a solution. The Scrubby gets the funk out with just a little effort. Check it out.

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RonF said...

O.K. Great idea, but don't use it like the very attractive young lady in the video did. Even biodegradable soapy water should be disposed of at least 100 feet from a water source, not 2 feet away - or even in it, as she did with the rinse water. It's the soil bacteria that do the bio-degrading. What she did is really not cool.

Also, if you use nylon clothing instead of cotton, it'll probably almost as fast if you just put it back on and start walking. Additionally, the evaporating water will cool you off.

Lord T said...

I'll have one of those. Does she bring that bag thing with her or is that separate?

Only thing is she put those nice clean items on over the sweaty underwear she had on. Kind of negates the purpose.

It sure looked hot there I was getting a sweat just watching.

Anonymous said...

sort of like .....washing your clothes ????