Saturday, 4 July 2015

Kathryn Steinle Murder

Ms. Steinle was a foxy babe.

I mean any murder is sad, but particularly in this case. Her family said she was just the sweetest, most caring...

Here: "Kathryn Steinle, Vibrant 32-Year-Old San Francisco Woman, Murdered by Illegal Alien Suspect Francisco Sanchez."

Also: "Deported 5 Times Previously, Illegal Alien Confesses to Murder of Kathryn Steinle at San Francisco's Pier 14."

Plus, watch this: "KTVU News Crew Attacked at Gunpoint, Cameraman Pistol Whipped While Reporting Live From the Scene of Pier 14 Homicide."

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Anonymous said...

Where is the White House decrying this senseless murder of a beautiful WHITE GIRL, murdered in cold blood in the socialist dreamville sanctuary state that is Nancy Pelosi's backyard?

Would your daughter look like that, Golf Boy? Would she hang limply, all bloody and lifeless in your hands as you watched the life seep out of her slowly?

Where is Botox Nancy now? Certainly not appearing at this murder scene to decry this murder of a beautiful WHITE GIRL, is she?

Where is the sinister selfie taking Kamala Harris, whose efforts to support the City's sanctuary status have made this murder in cold blood of a beautiful WHITE GIRL possible?

Thank you, Kamala!

Is Kamala, the Ugandan Giant, taking selfies now as she contemplates which curtains will compliment her pallid complexion at the Governor's mansion soon? How will this roadbump affect her numbers in the polls this year?

Don't mind that red stain on the carpet, Kamala, Eddie Lee will get down on his knees and scrub it out the best he can!

Eddie Lee will be blaming the ICEy climate here for the pesky seals that bothered this poor illegal immigrant that was only here selling drugs and bringing disease to this beautiful COUNTRY because he knew he could get away with MURDER in this sanctuary city!

If Kate had been named Caitlyn or Kanisha - would the national media and White House have lit this city up like a Roman Candle, calling for a Federal investigation into Mayor Eddie Lees house and ICY's house?
Shhhhhhhh, everybody. Can you hear it?
Listen closely....

"Help Me, Help Me, Daddy"

Your country is dying, citizens. And you don't want to hear it.

Kathryn Steinle's blood is upon your hands, quiet ones.