Friday, 25 September 2015

There is NO inflation...................from Rico

There is NO inflation. Just like the government and the FED say.
- Here is the proof of that.
Everyone should instead be very worried about deflation, just like they are.
- After all, people getting more stuff for less money is bad, or something, just like they tell us.
The CME butter price in January 2009 was $1.1165 per pound.
- The CME butter price set a new record 9-23-2015 at $3.01 per pound.
See? NO inflation here!


Mark Matis said...

Ah, but nobody buys butter. At least, none of Your Betters do. So it cannot count in the inflation index. But now that gas prices have dropped somewhat, surely EVERYONE must be buying nothing but gas. Isn't that how YOU spend "your" money???

drew458 said...

I followed Lesson 1 From Economics 101 and bought Guns instead.