Saturday, 21 November 2015

Blockbuster Poll: Sixty Percent of Americans Support Sending More Ground Troops to Defeat Islamic State

It's been years since a majority in the U.S. supported sending ground troops to the Middle East. I don't even think President Bush had majority support for the surge in Iraq, although he beefed up the deployment anyway, and won the Iraq war outright. Obama pulled the troops out, all of them, in 2011, and it's been hell ever since. We're in a period reminiscent to the days immediately following the September 11th attacks, and Americans are scared.

In addition to more ground troops, the public's tired of the Democrat-left's political correctness and Islamo-appeasement.

See, "Poll: 6 in 10 Say United States at War with 'Radical Islam', Repudiating President Obama and Hillary Clinton."

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