Friday, 20 November 2015

Message From a Friend in Israel.............................from Dan Friedman

Received this on Wednesday:
Last night at about 10 PM mother and daughter went for a ride in the mother's car in Lod.  They were ambushed and forced to drive into a nearby field. Both were murdered,. "family honor" murders.  The designated husband to be for the daughter was rejected earlier by her and honor had to be restored.
Unique?  Not be any means. Dozens are so killed just in Israel every year.
Islam, the cult of death, must be smashed when infesting civilized lands.
Inviting 10000 Syrian "refugees" is a deadly trap.
I listened carefully to Hussein el Barrack Bin Obama yesterday from Turkey.
G.d Bless America and protect her for the duration. Protect all of us.
Your president is not delusional, he is an extremely dangerous specimen.
NB: If you read the whole story you’ll notice the similarity between Israel's leftist media and ours. Both play down the Muslim dimension. I guess they don’t want them getting mad at us., November 18, 2015
Women found dead in their car with multiple wounds to the upper body near Route 40; suspect arrested

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