Saturday, 21 November 2015

Vox Populi. Is the Media Being Steamrolled? Dan Friedman

I had predicted a long time ago that terms describing Islam-driven violence would force their way back into our vocabulary, BHO's edicts against their use notwithstanding.
Even though the Obama-controlled media is still trying to diminish the role of Islam in the latest wave of worldwide terrorism*, it's now virtually impossible to write a news story that doesn't give up the game.* Jihad, Islamist terrorist, Islamic extremist, radical Islam and Alahu Akbar! are only some of the officially banned words now elbowing their way past Obama's verbal and written boycott.  
It just may be this is a sign of the “press” coming to terms with reality. Or more likely, they're just afraid of losing even more of their dwindling credibility than they’ve already lost to date. Either way, reality is closing in on them as it is closing in on the rest of us.

*Click thru to this Yahoo! story I found using a Google search (“Islamic extremists attack hotel in Mali's capital”) and see how quickly the PC editors “corrected” the headline. It’s enough to make you laugh.

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