Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Well done, FED......................from Rico

I was kicking tires at the local Ford dealership while waiting to have my 13-year old car serviced.*
- Don't laugh. It's paid for. It takes me from A to B.
The window sticker cost of new F150 pickup trucks caught my eye. The most expensive one was $65,000 with most of them in the $50K range (which was what my first house cost in 1976).
- Speaking of 1976, that sure is a nice looking F150 isn't it? The MSRP on it was $5,000 back then. So how did we go from $5K to $50K (a ten-fold price jump) for a truck in ~40 years? It remains a truck to take you from A to B.
You only need to look at the FED's own numbers.
- Our favorite privately-owned, for-profit, Central Bank (which isn't Federal and has no Reserves) has debauched and devalued the US Dollar so badly during its monopoly, it is worth mere pennies compared to what is used to be worth.
Well done, FED.
*I'm neither complaining nor suffering. I LIKE my old car, they only made a few of them, and only 7,400 in Turquoise.

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Anonymous said...

Now please stop that....using common sense and real numbers to prove your point. Don't ya know math is hard (said with a high pitched whine).
$50,000 for a house in 1976?!?!?! Whoa, living high on the hog,eh!
Yeppers I have a 2003 Chevy 1/2 T pick up, 185,000 miles. Paid for and still gets me to point B from A.