Sunday, 29 November 2015

What Happens in France Doesn't Stay in France..................from Dan Friedman

["Islamophobia?" Or a cautionary tale? You make the call. NB: There are hours of video on the Web that clearly show the turmoil caused by the immigrant tidal wave in Europe. And there are more coming our way! Google “europe immigrant riots” and see for yourself. But whatever you do don’t search CNN, CBS, ABC or any other Obama-controlled propaganda outlet – you’ll simply be wasting your time. Oh, one more thing, a prediction of sorts. The lamestream media will eventually cover the European immigration story, but not before they’ve written the first draft of their stories likening the rise of European nationalism today to the rise of the Nazis in Germany. Better to confuse and scare you away, my dear. A standard-issue “progressive” red herring, as sure as evening follows the day. df]
By Andrew C. McCarthy — November 28, 2015

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