Saturday, 12 December 2015

2015 Breaking News: Fukushima in 2011..........................from Rico

This is a good 100% example of why sentient life forms do not trust the government.
In 2011, 100% of total spend fuel was released into the atmosphere from reactor #4.
- For perspective, there was more cesium in #4 than in all 800 above ground nuclear explosions conducted.
The year 2015 is almost over.
NOW they declassify the 2011 report and tell us?
- Well, not exactly 'tell' anybody. You don't hear anyone in the media or the gooberment going out of their way to draw attention to this, do you?

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Jim said...

In my sanitation class in college in the 60's the favorite term was "the solution to pollution is dilution." Apparently still true.