Monday, 21 December 2015

2A Fever - Nugent.........................from Rico

I have been a 'fan' of Ted Nugent (the Motor City Madman) ever since I heard his interview with with a French journalist.
- Musically, his "Cat Scratch Fever" never did anything for me. His NO BS and NO PC approach to reality sure does, however.
The French journalist-boy had an obvious agenda (anti-hunting, anti-gun, and I heart Disney's Bambi), and asked Ted: "What does the poor deer 'think' when you blow it's head off?"
Ted answered: "They don't think like that. All they 'think' is 'when was the last time I ate' and 'when was the last time I had sex' and 'can I run away fast enough'....they are much like the French that way."
The interview ended then.
Now we can add "this" to the Nugent legend.

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