Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Come and take it.........................from Rico

After blowing $70+ million taxpayer dollars on his latest Hawaiian vacation (and possibly blowing Mooch aka Michael as well), the #1 Sh*thead in the world plans to use his pen to turn Constitutional rights into his personal idea of a rainbow-colored unicorn fart national gun-free zone.
Remember that other 'good idea' called "Prohibition?"
- That worked out just as well as "gun-free" zones have proven to.
I don't think many people will stand for any more ridiculous and illegal "diktats" from Barry


Anonymous said...

Me thinks that inalienable rights are more powerful than this idiots pen and phone. Making gravity illegal doesn't automatically give everyone the ability to float.

Texan in Wisconsin said...

Based on the original Texas flag flown at Gonzales. "Come and Take it" was a response to Santa Anna's demand that the Texans return cannon captured from Mexican troops.

Copy of the original flag here: