Thursday, 10 December 2015

Explaining TRUMP's popullarity to Barry..........................from Rico

You see, Barry, most people really like and support what Trump has been saying, but I hear you and your fellow Muslim Valerie Jarrett are getting 'concerned' and don't understand why.
Here's a short explanation for you, in small words, so you can try and 'follow' the thought:
1. Allowing Americans to be slaughtered by Muslims is NOT an American value, and it's NOT who we are.
2. Endless bloodshed (1400 years so far is pretty close to 'endless' I'd say) is NOT an American value, and it's NOT who we are either.
BUT, that is exactly who YOU are.
Here's something else the 'voters' of America are figuring out for themselves:
1. You simply do NOT care if Muslims make Americans dead, since that does not stop them from voting for you anyway.
Religion of Peace? My Aunt Fanny's ass.
- Islam is about as peaceful as you are an American President.

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