Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Grubering the World............................from Rico

The Paris Climate Change Talks are merely a platform for Socialist wealth redistribution using fraudulent science as an excuse to steal more money from people.
- Seriously, explain to me exactly how paying money to governments (in carbon taxes, or whatever they'll call it) will actually DO one single tangible thing to the planet's weather. More such taxes could lead to people huddling in the dark and cold because there is no energy for them, or because they cannot afford energy.
No one attending the Paris event can even articulate the process of photosynthesis (plants creating oxygen from carbon dioxide), but they can sure make up endless phoney-baloney reasons why we're all in grave peril but how only THEY can save us if we'll give them more money and more power.
What the world MOST needs to be saved from is its moronic and venal "leaders" and not the fake boogeyman of "cooling'warming-change."

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