Saturday, 19 December 2015

It's policy........................from Rico

Bad Vlad the Putin has exposed the phony "war on terrorism" and "fighting ISIS" as complete lies and a total sham. If the intent was to actually 'win' and 'end the crisis' they would have disappeared as problems long ago.
- That this was NOT the case, and still is not, exposes 'perpetual crisis' as an intentional POLICY.
The same thing with unguarded borders, non-enforcement of immigration laws, and the importation of terrorists...whatever bullshit 'excuses' are offered by the regime and its supporters.
- Stupid is not who we are, and Barry boy-Marxist is clearly following Communist doctrine and Comrade Stalin's philosophy as an intentional POLICY.
Policies have goals. The 'goal' is not a good one.
- Stripping individuals of their freedoms and giving the 'state' more CONTROL is the goal.

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