Friday, 25 December 2015

Jewish State or Police State?.................from Dan Friedman

[Come to Israel: Where fascism and socialism live side-by-side in perfect harmony.
Bear in mind as you read this hysterical rant from Israel's secret police that after weeks of solitary confinement and torture the Shin Bet has not produced an ounce of evidence against these "suspected" young Jewish terrorists. If they had, the Shabak would have charged them by now. But who knows? A few more turns of the screw and they might eventually break these religious teenagers and finally get their man.
Remember too, that with Netanyahu, Yaalon and Jewish Home's (not a joke) Bennett onboard, this is now official Israeli government policy and these so-called right-wing politicians own this brutality. Too bad for the kids. Because that means the rationale to continue this cruelty becomes even more compelling. Making this not so much an investigation, but going forward, an operation to save Shin Bet's ass.
So much for Israel's precious demokracy. Guilty until proven innocent! Time to remember the Altalena, its antecedents and its legacy. Dear Jabotinsky, why did you leave us so soon? df], 12/24/2015       
Intelligence agency: Claims by fanatical detainees of torture are baseless, aimed at distracting from their acts.

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