Monday, 21 December 2015

Jews Terrorizing Jews.....................from Dan Friedman

[In parts of Israel’s internal security system you’ll still find apparatchiks who haven’t figured out who the enemy is yet. These are throwbacks to the European totalitarian socialists who founded the Jewish state. Most have found a home in the “Jewish section” of the shadowy Shabak and they believe the culprit is Judaism and its imperative to settle the land of Israel. These devoutly secular elements target Israel’s young people in Judea and Samaria – you know, the ones with tsitsit and crocheted skull caps on their heads. Then the state’s goons create a false flag “crime” against the Arabs and round up some young “extremists” to pin it on. Anyone will do as long they fit the description. By now this scenario is boringly routine.
After they’ve rounded up the usual suspects, the pressure’s on Shabak to get a “confession” using the carte blanche that Netanyahu & Co. has bestowed upon them. Yes, I said Netanyahu, because he or his defense minister (Yaalon) has to sign the order to torture the Jews before the fun can begin. No brutality without official authorization. Surely, a shining example of due process and Israel’s precious democracy!
Tipped off by friends in Israel, I’ve been watching this travesty for a number of years, and there is usually one thing missing from the legal proceedings that ensue – a conviction. In other cases, the charges are simply dropped, but not before the alleged are found guilty in Israel’s self-hating leftist media. The very same media that hypes the “crime” in the front pages, but then completely ignores any outcome that exonerates the “Jewish terrorists.” Talk about incitement.
Now that the door has been blown open on this scandal, isn’t it about time for it to be exposed to the light of day? Perhaps a little sunshine focused on this shande might make it a thing of Israel’s Judaism-hating past. I have in mind Jewish stalwarts like Caroline Glick, Ruthie Blume and Martin Sherman, et al. These right-thinking writers, and others of equal stature in Israel and America, have a megaphone. Now it’s past time they used it to do the right thing. df], December 19th, 2015

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