Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Reputation Management: A Political Lesson To Be Learned!...from TPC

When it comes to reputation management the first name that comes to mind today is Chipotle for its handling of an E. coli outbreak!

Many feel that, to quote Donald Trump, in this regard the company has been a 'disaster'!

What lesson can be learned by all of us, particularly our elected officials, about the trifecta of words integrity, reputation and trust?

Read more in an article at LI, 'Reputation, Integrity And Trust: Hard To Earn, Easy To Lose!'.


Mark Matis said...

Hey, for the Leftist patrons of Chipotle, it's all shits and grins until THEY are the ones with the shits. And at that point, they sure ain't grinnin' very much.

But at least they can still celebrate their "diversity". Or did you not also see that the CDC is investigating SEVERAL strains of e-coli associated with this current Chipotle special?

Billll said...

What's the problem? It's organically grown, free range, cage free and fair trade E. Coli. You're getting nothing but the best here!