Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Should have listened to the plumber.........................from Rico

America really should have listened to Joe the Plumber.
- He 'called' BS on Barry's "spread the wealth around" but was ignored by the public and audited by the IRS.
When Americans elected that "One Big Ass Mistake America" in 2007 the median net worth of US families was $137,955.
- By 2013 it was down to $82,756...where it last was in 1992.
And today, the Social Security Admin says 51% of American workers make less than $31,000 per year.
- They aren't getting their 8th annual holiday in Hawaii like Barry & Mooch are, that's for damned sure.
Since this is the season of giving thanks, please allow me to do so.
- "Thanks, you asshole."

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