Thursday, 3 December 2015

The Climate Scam......................from Rico

Greenhouse gases? Eeeeevil Co2? [for "progressives" read: carbon dioxide].
This entire fraudulent UN Climate Change (aka Global Cooling, aka Global Warming) is a huge SCAM.
Greenhouse operators, as a matter of routine, increase the Co2 levels of their operations from the atmospheric norm (about ~390ppm to ~1500ppm) to help photosynthesis and greatly enhance plant growth.
- This works on a planetary level, too. There are definitely arid parts of the world that could benefit from some plant growth.
Of course, the "Climate Hustle" depends upon people too dumb to understand that humans exhale Co2 and plants in turn make that into the OXYGEN we breath (some with their mouths), and gullible enough to swallow the lies of their so-called leaders. All supported, of course, by faux-science that depends upon government grants of taxpayer money to cook the science books (one was honest enough to actually say "If you give me a million dollars, I'll guarantee you any result you want.").
- Barry and others know full well that it is 'easier' to pretend to fight pretend problems like "Climate Change" ['we're moving forward, but we need more money and more sacrifices from you to prevail'] than it is to actually fight real problems like "Islam" where you might get your nose and/or hands bloodied ['is that real blood on my shirt?'].

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