Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The ISIS Papers Revealed!.....................from Dan Friedman

[The leftist Guardian (UK) (of all people) lets the cat out of the bag about ISIS and its methods and means. NB: I've seen the source for this Guardian report and it's completely kosher.
Meanwhile back in D.C., the neocons and the Republican establishment are having conniptions over Trump’s declaration that he won’t allow any more Muslims in the USA until we have better vetting procedures in place. Dick Cheney even borrowed a phrase from Obama: “Trump’s Muslim ban ‘goes against everything we stand for.’ ”
Anyway, haven’t you always admired how the misguided nation-builders keep their eyes on the ball?  Well, Max Boot and other political Pollyannas, always did steer the ship of state into troubled waters when they had the chance. So isn’t once and twice more than enough? Best not to give them another opportunity to screw things up so soon after Obama. Say what! df], 2015/dec/07/

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