Friday, 18 December 2015

The Land of Milk & Honey (& Police Brutality).....................from Dan Friedman

[I have been one of the few (that I know of) who has trained a spotlight on the Judaism-hating motives of Israel's internal security apparatus, Shin Bet and their notorious "Jewish section.” This is a bad gene left over from Israel’s Socialist/Bolshevik past and its founders who had nothing but disdain for the Jewish religion and those who practiced it in the Holy Land. It’s a dubious distinction for a Zionist Jew, but if we want things to change, someone has to tell the truth wherever it leads. Here's another (failed) attempt to frame young religious people in Judea and Samaria that didn't quite work out as planned (and most do not). If there is an upside to this story it’s that the brutal tactics of the Israeli torturers proved no match for these young men and their Jewish spirit. df]
After finally meeting suspects, lawyers tell of cruel torture, demand investigation end; 'minor hit in sensitive organs till numb to kicks.'

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