Friday, 4 December 2015

The sounds of silence, and of nothing much..................from Rico

In the wake of the obvious Islamic terrorist Jihad in Berdoo, the outcry from the Muslim community (yeah, all those moderate religion of peace Muslims) has been "the sound of silence."
- A few professional grievance mongers and full-time musloid assholes like CAIR have protested that it's NOT about Islam. They protesteth too much, and falsely. It was, and it always is, about the death-cult presented as a religion and called Islam.
Doing his part to NOT make Americans safe, our very own Barry (who adopted the pseudonym Barack HUSSEIN Obama, much as STALIN was a pseudonym for a Marxist from another time, btw) promises "executive action" on tougher gun control measures. For law-abiding Americans who would seek to protect themselves because the government can't protect them and because he won't, of course. Barry is "the sound of nothing much."
- If you are a musloid, you can have all the AK47's and 74's you want. It will be called "workplace violence" or something other than what it really is (Jihad). It will be excused, condoned, and glossed-over. And you know it, because the precedent has been set. Many times.
And, at WHAT point do "executive actions" that clearly fly in the face of Constitutional legality and common sense, when routinely ignored by a useless and corrupt Congress, also become ignored by "we the people?"
- I think America is 'that close' after years of Barry and Congress saying "fuck you" to the people, to the people saying "fuck you back. Come get some."

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