Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Turkey has the ISIS oil franchise....................from Rico

This is how Putin responds to the downing of an SU-24......three battalions of heavy self-propelled 152mm mortars go to Syria to close the border with Turkey.
- Remember that terrorist clown making a video who was vaporized by an artillery shell? There will be a lot more of that from now on.
Of course, absent from any of the  media poodles reporting is NATO member Turkey's secret alliance with ISIS, and their supplying safe-haven, weapons, and a conduit for illegal 'blood oil' sales in partnership with Erdogan's son Bilal.
- Equally missing is any comment about how selling hundreds of millions of dollars of ISIS oil has NOT escaped the attention of the US, which has pointedly NOT nipped this source of terrorist revenue in the bud. Turkey could not be the ISIS fuel franchise without Barry and Co. knowing all the details.
It says a lot when Putin has more credibility than either Barry or Recep Erdogan, and says even more when Russia is actually doing something about ISIS unlike Barry, who seems focused on the skill he's most familiar lip-service.

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