Friday, 4 December 2015

Vets, BOHICA..........................from Rico

Veterans, you all know what BOHICA means.
- Get ready to grab your ankles. Again.
Senate Bill 1203, sponsored by a Republican (GOPe) btw, passed the Senate and has gone to the House, as if they are any less corrupt or represent anyone other than corporate donors. You're gonna LOVE this latest 'benefit' guys:
- Mandatory vaccinations for all vets. Mandatory.
- Refuse vaccination and LOSE ALL BENEFITS.
Fought for the land of the free? You get NO CHOICE, it's the VA way or the highway for you.
- Vaccinations for what? What's in the vaccines? None of your business guinea pig. We have decided for you. It's for your own good.
Just STFU and take your beating from the VA.

1 comment:

cheyanne said...

The government can ALL go fornicate themselves, in the rear, without lubrication.

I will not comply.

Molon Labe!

Cilla Mitchell